lecture series: „on interactivity“ – dr. jonas fritsch

8 Okt

Speaker: Dr. Jonas Fritsch 

Monday, 22.10.2012 | Main Building ZHDK, Room 504 | 5.30pm

„Affective Engagement in the Design of Interactive Environments“

Digital technologies and interactive media are radically changing the way we experience and make sense of the physical and social spaces we inhabit. Among other things, the advent of ubiquitous and advanced sensor technologies has moved the realm of computing from the desktop computer into broader contexts of interaction or interactive environments. Designing for living with these technologies increasingly implies considerations of the experiential qualities that come into play to form our affective experience of and engagement with such interactive environments. In this talk, I explore how the philosophy of experience of Brian Massumi can be used to address this on an analytic and practical level in relation to interaction design. Building on this, I present a possible theoretical foundation and a range of affective design concerns related to future challenges for the design of affectively engaging interactive environments.


Jonas Fritsch holds a PhD in Interaction Design and is currently Assistant Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark. He works on a multitudinous thinking-together of interaction design and affect theory in conjunction with practical design experiments carried out at CAVI.dk and at the Participatory IT Centre in the Department of Aesthetics and Communication. Jonas has an MA in Information Studies with a supplementary degree in Aesthetics and Communication from la Nouvelle Sorbonne, Paris and is a member of the SenseLab, Concordia University.





Organized by Karmen Franinovic (Interaction Design) and Christoph Brunner (Institute for Theory)


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