lecture series: „on interactivity“ – dana gordon

29 Nov

Title of the Lecture: „Interaction Design: A multipath Creative Process

Speaker: Dana Gordon

Date: 14.12.2012

Place: ZHDK, Ausstellungsstrasse 60, CH-8005 Zurich. Room SQ 504

Time: 5 pm

organized by Karmen Franinovic (Interaction Design Program)


The field of Interaction design crosses traditional boundaries between the development of new technologies, design thinking and cognitive science. The teamwork of numerous individuals, coming together from diverse professional backgrounds, challenges our routine formulated working methods and enriches the creative process. In this interdisciplinary process of creation, we mix and juggle between different languages and tools, which allow us to question issues from various points of view.

During this talk, I will present the work of my students, as well as my own personal work, pointing out the imaginative starting points and the hybrid properties of the final physical design projects.

Trough a detailed documentation of one concept realization – We will unfold the never-ending story of creation process: research, interpretation, experiments, improvisations, compromises, accidents and sometimes-arbitrary decisions. Sketching, hacking and prototyping are some of the very different means of exploration – Are they all relevant all the time?

When we look backward on a development process we often fail to observe the path not taken. If the process was thoroughly documented, and we have a second look at it we might just find a precious insight for the next project.


Dana Gordon is an Architect and Interaction Designer. She graduated from the masters program of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in 2006. Before that she earned her B.Arch degree from “Bezalel”, the academy of art and design, Jerusalem, and practiced as a senior architect and project manager in the Gvuli-Koren architects studio in Tel-Aviv.

Since 2006 her work focus is on objects, physical computing and particularly tangible interface design. She exhibited her work at the Victoria and Albert museum (‘Touch me’ exhibition), and various exhibitions at Salone del Mobile in Milan. She also collaborated on future development with companies such as Philips, Intel, Tecno and Droog Design.

Later she worked in Cambridge, Massachusetts, collaborating on projects with the MIT Media Lab while working as a design researcher for Krzysztof Wodiczko’s Interrogative Design Group at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies.

Recently, she moved to Paris, where she teaches interaction design as well as continues with her own design practice.




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